Tips to Improve The Load Speed of Your Website and How It Will Help Your SEO

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What many business owners do not realise is that the speed of the site can have a significant impact on their search engine optimization efforts. Google announced some time back they will use speed to help rank pages for search results.

This means that in addition to ensuring you tick all the boxes in terms of SEO, you need to also improve your site speed to ensure that your site does not suffer and new clients are constantly pushed to your website daily.

A slow website doesn’t only negatively impact your SEO, but will also negatively affect your user experience. Clients expect fast loading pages, especially with so many of them now relying on mobile devices and searching for goods and services while on the go. You will need to be sure you appease your clients and search engines to achieve the best online results concerning your page ranking.

It is important that you constantly monitor your site, making sure it will not take more than five minutes to load, that’s the slowest acceptable speed.

There are a variety of ways you can boost your website speed to aid with your SEO. The first is to reduce the amount of HTTP requests. Reducing this may make a sizable impact on your site and you will immediately notice the speed improve.

By reducing HTTP requests you are reducing the amount of items which are to be loaded on each page. Imagine a page with fifty descriptions and images. If every image is separate, this can have a long time period for the page to load completely, this can cause frustration for customers and search engine companies.

When adding images to your website you will want to take advantages of CSS Sprites. So once you’ve got a range of background images to load, when loading individually this can dramatically decrease the speed of the site, using one picture, not only accelerate the website, but also ensures that your customers have a fantastic user experience.

Another terrific way to accelerate your site to appease SEO companies, improving your rank and user experience is to take advantage of server cache. You might like 15 WordPress site speed tips as well. Instead of each of your pages being loaded each time it is clicked, the server keeps a cache of every page, this can improve load times and website speed considerably.

Optimize your database using an index. An index for your e-commerce shop, your site pages and more can all enhance user experience and search engine ranking. It makes products and pages much easier and quicker to find, which can eliminate costly delays on your site and reduce the risk of you being penalized because of the slow pace of your site.

Among the biggest mistakes many companies make is adding too many tracking codes to their website. Tracking codes slow down the speed of your site, which can compromise your rank and reduce the amount of customers that stay on your pages. Remove as many tracking codes as possible to ensure success.

Finally, only use a website designer that understands the importance of site speed and how it can have an influence on your SEO efforts to boost your ranking results and help you enjoy online success.

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