Personal Transformation Through Relationships

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Most concepts discussed concerning personal transformation concern your inner world. Meanwhile, personal relationships are also a very important part of your healing and growth process. Friends, family and co-workers are the closest people to us. They often function as our most scrutinous mirrors by which to reflect yourself. Similarly, our thoughts and feelings towards other people are incisively indicative of how we feel about ourselves and our role on earth.

It’s very important to exercise mindfulness in our personal relationships for the benefit of all parties involved. I suggest using these questions that will assist you see yourself. Every time you engage in conversation or action with others and your mindfulness registers negative ideas, seize the chance to transform your criticism into a personal mirror. Whether you’re debating with your brother, arguing with your spouse or whining to a shopkeeper, incorporate these questions into your personal search for truth:

What’s the lesson inherent in this situation?
What personal biases have I carried into this circumstance?
Do I seek other men and women who manifest the same flaws that I suppress?
Do I identify flaws in others to distract them from viewing my own weaknesses?
Asking these questions mindfully and reflecting on your answer will deepen your individual understanding. These questions are intended to nurture your own personal truth and facilitate the recovery of your deepest mind. Pausing in mid-debate or mid-argument to ask yourself these questions serves as a strong wake up call and enables you penetrate the character of your automatic thoughts.

A writing journal is a really efficient way to research these topics with honest reflection. Call this written meditation. Sit silently in your desk, observing your breath. When you are ready, open your eyes while keeping continual awareness of your breath. Write your questions and answers, keeping your mind calm and allowing your deepest intuition to emerge. Written meditation can complement your quiet meditation to focus your energy on resolving pressing issues. Always return to the silence so deeper wisdom can radiate through you with being clogged up by analysis.

Once you develop this ability with yourself you can apply it in healing situations for others. Quite often, couples come for Reiki sessions together and invariable they’ve troubling relationship issues that they expect to solve through Reiki. By remaining neutral and supportive, a Reiki healer can help both spouses cure themselves and consequently nurture a more positive relationship between them. Besides individual healing sessions, Reiki healers can visualize the Sei He Ki symbol drifting between them to ease the tensions in their relationship.

Whether your use Reiki or not, these meditation and awareness techniques can cultivate better relationships and inspire personal transformation.

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